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Friday, 15 July 2011


Toyota gave a class, Etios, which pulled out a sea of expectation for its hatchback Etios liva. This top 5 gives you top features of all new Etios liva.

I was really fascinated to hear in the last year's auto expo that Toyota have started practicing 'cricket'. The mid Indians love hatchbacks as much as they do cricket.

And Japanese thinks a lot before they put their pads on. Already having some of the top titles in other car segments, Toyota Etios Liva is welcoming attempt by them. 'attempt' is rather a misleading word, with maruti suzuki and hyundai ruling hatchbacks, it is simply confidence.
Toyota have produced 'steel' products like Innova, Fortuner, Altis and Etios sedan. Liva is upto compete against mid range cars Toyota have given enough stress on price tags and providing variants. We will go in deeper under subsequent heads.
Etios Liva is cheapest Toyota ever and the first car to be exported from Toyota India. Etios Liva counts high on brand power and may prove to be the Toyota’s trump card for their future market share in india.


With a wide range of options available at the market, looks matters really a lot. I found a theme being applied all around its interior. The 'etios curviness', what I would like to call it. Just look at those speedometer, rpm meter, music player buttons and dashboard,door handles; that elliptical Toyota logo is quite visible.
Interior looks rather traditional, there are few trifles inside which may bore you in future. Slim seats, hand-rests on the door, well crafted steering wheel, color combination, neck rests are really good. From drivers point; front and back view, light and responsive gearshift scores while center placed instrument board may be a cause for concern, at least for few. There are well distributed storage spaces all through its interior.
Altogether Etios Liva posses a light feeling in and out. looks are not something spectacular and goes 'okay'.


External appearance is one of the greatest feature of Toyota Etios Liva. Dimension wise its comes between Hyundai i2o and Maruti swift in length and breadth, but shorter  than them. Look at the photos given at your left, There's a huge amount of elegance common between innova's and liva's front look, both have that nice smiling face.
Its rear have those pop out break lights, it has got a appearance similar to that of Maruti AStar. Side view is perfect and clean. It also has sporty bumpers, nice fog lights and attractive headlights. Number plates and indicator placements are ordinary. Remember thick fiber bar at the rear of Hyundai i10? it comes here too, only difference is that its chrome plated here.
Toyota have portrayed a flat handsome Liva which you would love to ride before your neighbour.


Toyota have set everything from their part to compete against all the major competitor hatchbacks. Liva price and variants have all the content to go against the wishes of Volkswagen Polo, Maruti Swift, Ford Figo, Hyundai kappa i10, Hyundai i20, Chervolet Beat.
Price ranges from 4 to 6 lakhs. They are:
  • 4 lakh entry level
  • 4.6 lakh mid -variant
  • 5 lakh ABS and Airbag included variant
  • 5.5 lakh Main
  • 6 lakh model with body kit

Among which the 5 lakh model is almost single in the category and may lead the game. Top variant will give stiff sting on Maruti swift and might go well ahead of hyundai i20. 
Color variants :
  • Blue 
  • dark Red 
  • Metal White 
  • Green  
  • Silver


Toyota Etios liva is one of the most spacious hatchbacks presently available in India. They have put some extra effort for all the freedom you feel inside liva. Toyota took this as one of their prime focus as many of the present hatchbacks goes down here. And they takes a huge leap over swift and i20 in leg and shoulder rooms.
Uniform ground and thin seats gives a lot into the extra space inside Liva. They reduced certain adjustable features on seats just to ensure the air inside car remains throughout. Space for water bottles, bags, shoppers and all other ugly things are also huge.
So its like Etios Liva spacia...

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