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Saturday, 25 June 2011



Cell phone radiation is one of the most discussed topics today. So I think that i should probably start with this one. The WHO has classified cell phone radiations (which fall in the microwave category in the Electro Magnetic Spectrum) on the IARC scale into group 2B - which in plain English means that it is possibly carcinogenic. Even if it is a possibility, common sense tells us to go for preventive measures with no wait. The best thing that i would suggest is to use headsets while attending calls. This reduces the radiation by 1/100 times. If you are not using headsets put your cell phone to the ear only after your correspondent has picked it up.

Allow children to use a cell phone only when there is emergencies. The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to infrared electromagnetic fields. If you are pregnant,avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Do not keep it near your body at night such as under the pillow or on a bedside table. You can also put it on “airplane” or “off-line” mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions.


You have this amazing phone that can exactly predict the orbital path of Jupiter's smallest satellite and remind you of how much calories you burn every day. But then again you would be really pissed if the battery runs out and you realises that you forgot to charge it before leaving the house. Studies have shown that chances of your phone getting drained of charge is proportional to your urgency in using it. So friends, here are some of the best tips to help you in these situations.

Switch off your phone in areas with no signal as your phone will constantly search for a connectivity and this will drain your battery. Turn off blue tooth, WiFi, infrared and other connectivity features of your phone. During daytime it is advised to turn off the back light of your phone. Oh! I almost forgot. Quit using that animated screen saver, it just completely destroys the idea behind a screen saver. OK now you guys are fully qualified to sit back and laugh when you see someone whose cell phone has gone dead


Before starting to use your cool new phone you must know when NOT to use a cell phone. Here are the most important 3 situations in that category.

While driving: This is a serious NO NO. It doesn't matter how expert you are at driving and cell phoning ! Mixing these two is not such a good idea. Due to the increasing complexity of cell phones the chances of getting your driving distracted are high.

At gas stations: Although you need not worry that you will be blown to pieces while using mobile phones at gas stations, it is as the wise says: "Better safe than sorry". There is a teeny-weeny chance that electronic failure in your cell phone can start a fire.

While working: I did not mean working up on your phone, i meant your job. The one that enables you to earn a salary every month. That's the thing I'm talking about. Do
not use your cell phone unnecessarily when you are at work. Try to minimise the use and to concentrate on your job. At least that'll get you closer to owning that iPhone 4 you always dream about.


In case you didn't know, in order to become a cell phone user you need a cell phone ! That's why
this comes at number 2 in our list. You'll have to go through the golden rule of cell phoning which is "Choose you SFP" to get the phone you want. Well! As you figured out, it's just something i just made up. SFP stands for Style, Feature and Performance.

STYLE: Cell phones comes in a variety of form factors. Flip phones, sliding phones and candy bars are the most common of them. Each form factor has its unique characteristics, so this is basically a personal choice. Try using the phone in your hands and try attending calls. Find the style that most suits you.

FEATURE: The list of features that are now available on cell phones are literally endless. From making video calls to finding your way to places it goes on and on. So if you thought choosing the style was difficult you will have to struggle really hard here. Don't let carried away by advertisements. You must not buy anything that you do not need. Go for a simple phone without much extra-features if you want a handset just to make calls. These models will be probably hiding at the stores so you may have to ask for them.

PERFORMANCE: In the end of the day, performance is what really matters. So even if it becomes a little bit expensive, buy your handset from known manufacturers rather than going for cheap anonymous phones. And be sure to check the voice clarity in your phone. Although the network plays a crucial part for making a good call, the phone's antenna's and receiver's build quality can affect the clarity if the call. If your are planning to buy a multimedia phone, be sure to check the image quality of the camera and the sound quality while playing songs.


And the prize goes for this! This is the most crucial thing you need to know if are planning to become a cell phone user. You may have had previous knowledge about the other points in this post. That's why this became No.1 in our list. It is equivalent to saving a drowning man, Hmmm.. Well I might be exaggerating a bit there. But the point is, there is a chance of your phone getting wet some day or the other. It may be due to raining or you going to the beach with your phone or even worse case like finding it in your jeans pocket after getting the latter out of the washing machine.

The first thing to do is to remove the battery as soon as possible. Your mind would probably say to switch on the phone and to check whether it is OK, but dont listen to that thing. Firstly you must understand that water and electrivity do not mix. It might short circuit any compomemts of your phone and damage it permanently. So take the battery out, try to get your mobile into as many pices as possible (This does not include running your car over it). Dry each part with a piece of cloth. Keep all the parts in the sun (make sure its not raining) for atleast 10 hours. After that assemble it making sure that all parts are completely dry and check whether it worked. Most phones can be saved if you have removed it quickly from water using this method.


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