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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Are you familiar with any other special name for Kerala? I mean something like ‘Gods own country’. But it rarely happens that we could thrill in the enchanting beauty of a particular spot. No doubt Kerala is one of the most beautiful state in India, even then how much selective you could be that much life you can absorb from the serene spots of Kerala.
today what i have with me to share with you is 5 beatiful tourists destinations in kerala. I have taken the best from five different genres of natural diversity, presenting north to south of Kerala from '5' to '1'.

5.Water fall: Athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls

Name itself justifies why Athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls made a appearence here ahead of palaruvi waterfalls in this genre. As name suggests they are two adjacent waterfalls situated in chalakuddy, thrissur district of kerala. What is the most fascinating thing you felt in waterfalls?- to me it is that 'busy bee' nose that play progressively all along when we head towards the falls. Even now i can feel that very special tone of nature what i loved heading towards the athirapally waterfalls along the sholayar forest ranges.
This 80 ft waterfall have all the skill to energize its spectators. if you are willing to take some risks(due to slippery rocks) the fun below the falls is also massive.
vazhachal falls is just half hour far from athirapally. It is also attractive falls, which is more broader and less steeper than the one at athirapally.

4.Hill station: Munnar

I made no second thought to make munnar appear here. At an height of 1600m from sea level it could be aptly called as the nature lovers paradise. I felt munnar rather a big affair - huge tea plantations, simple towns, modern holiday facilities, cool breeze seemed to be the contrasting features here. And have you heard of the flower 'neelakurinji' ('neela' means blue, color of the flower) - it is a magical flower species which blooms only once in every 12 years. It bloomed last in 2006, so next you can have it right after 7 years from now.
Munnar being located at the Idukki district of Kerala State is an easily accessible place. As this is an hill station, summer is the best time to have a visit here. You have wide options available here to get best tea products from one of the world's best tea plantations.

3.Wild life sanctuary: Periyar Wild life sanctuary, thekkady

Periyar Wild life sanctuary (hereafter lets call 'PWS') is one of the largest reserves on the whole in India, so nothing peculiar that PWS poped up in our list. I would like to mention that PWS is also popular as a tiger reserve. Even then in my last visit there i couldnt find any of them, studies say that their number reduced to less than forty. But i can guarentee you that (if you visit here just before june, before monsoon starts) a healthy boating in the periyar lake along PWS will feast your eyes with alarge number of elephants,sambars,spotted dears and wildboars. Few months ago i could also see some smart kingfishers, a beautiful red tailed bird with thin beak (definetly, i dont know its name).
As one of the most popular malayalm song "periyareee.....periyareee...." reminds, PWS is a spot from whom you may fall for. Include nearby places like kumily and plantations to get to know more about the trade here.

2.House boat cruise:Alapuzha

There are plenty of tour operators who offers attractive houseboat cruise packages wide across Kerala. Out of which we recommends houseboat package in alapuzha backwaters. Most amazing thing about these packages are the Kerala cuisines they provide you. You would just love to have 'appams' in your break fasts and colorful 'sadhya' in your lunch.
Cruise normally includes the complete harmony through the canals,rivers and backwater of alapuzha. Along with the different dimension the boat journey provides, you can also utilize the opportunity to study palm trees, life, villages, paddy fields, people and tradition of Kerala. If i can guarantee you that alapuzha house boat journey will be complete in it itself you could guess how much i am confident about the place.

1.Beach : Kovalam beach

Its a fact that India's finest beaches are in Kerala. Kovalam is a internationally renowned beach even from the early nineties. Beautifully created bay along with the calm atmosphere is the defining feature of kovalam beach. As the sea is very quite and charming this is an ideal place to have sea bath. Kovalam beach can be geographically subdivided to three crescent beaches- out of which light house beach is the most popular one. The booming accommodation facilities for tourists, especially outsiders provides all the modern luxuries which suits varying can reach here by an half hour journey from trivandrum.


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