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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hello! How is the day?
If you are someone who likes boasting, ’TOP 5 on NOKIA N9’is exclusively for you. Yah, top 5 things you have to keep in mind before you boast to your ‘farthest’ friend that your ‘dearest’ friend have it. Sorry for the word ‘exclusive’, genuine buyers may also intelligently exploit this talk on Nokia n9.

I have infinite sentences to justify the reason why I took this as today’s five. When I say this you never think that how could one have infinite reasons!, it is just because of the kind of boasting in it. Frankly, boasting comes in at the top of our priorities before we buy a phone!
Especially in the case of expensive ones like iphone and n9, it won’t be a real fun to swim in the whole of the web just for the sake of blowing our own horn. Let’s start right away with our top five.

5. The Preparatory talk

Guys, there is always something that limits us from certain crowds. For instance there is no point in this talk if you don’t even know what ‘N’ in the ’N9’ stands for? Oops, I shouldn’t have said that, even Google don’t know it (I love searching some nonsense stuffs in the Google in my free time)

Nokia, the lost emperor is all set to capture its lost ‘percentage’ at the mobile market. Even though they are taking macho efforts to pull it out as they name it as simple as E6, N8, N7, N9… you probably can’t hear much of the sound. Never mind, what we all want is cool mobs not just awkward sounds.

The same piece of paper which gave out the weight of the phone as 130gms weights even more. Nokia pulled the crowd to make them aware that their mobile buttons stock are on the shorter side so that they wont afford have one for n9. Yup n9 is perfection to smart phone concept -- no home screen button-- simply swipe and throw.

4. N9 in your hand

As your very hand has a living N9 in it today, you shouldn’t even think of having memory loss the other day. It is a stupendous design - royal finish for a candy bar smart phone. Slightly bulging outward screen looks amazing and its stiffness really make you feel to have it with a cup of coffee. External ports have some copy-paste from iphone. Even then N9 is not an ‘Unknown’.

As of the many smart phones today, exterior is made from superior plastics. Display is quite bigger than many of the recent smart phones (more space as there is no home button!!). The only things you could see in N9’s face are proximity sensor and a video calling camera. ‘Touch screen and daylight’ is one of the most extreme thoughts for a sensitive mobile user. As you might have guessed, N9 scores here with a printing display under sun. (Remember anything of light polarization from your wave optics theory, guess something advanced was made of it for the purpose)

3. Shall I by-heart MeeGo Harmattan?

You should definitely, you might have heard the story that nokia have decided to switch completely to the windows platform to make it compensate the android after effects. Here N9 comes on Meego platform which is capable of answering you whether Nokia were out of their armory. They have made it clear that windows comes somewhere in between. In short, phones will experiment with its OS’s until something even more spectacular happens.

Without any home screen back buttons you can return to previous just from the sweep of its edge. Locked screen can be unlocked on a double tap on the screen. All your proceedings in the phone are accomplished via hybrid three screens. First screen give you all of the notifications including social networking updates and messages. Other one gives the traditional application screen and the third is the most attractive thumbnail multi tasking screen.

Never forget that all these are powered by MeeGo Harmattan and its possible future updates can give even more.

2. But what my friends love is multimedia and camera!

Not only yours my friends also love the same and I know this top5 would be pure waste if I had pulled multi-media out of the box. 8MP Camera comes with carlzeiss lens, superior flash and well placed user interface. Apart from the superior quality the 8 MP delivers supreme features like touch focus, fine adjustments, geo tagging takes the phone to top spots in the camera phones.

Multimedia is not at all a problem nowadays as these media players have overflowed codecs to shrink varied formats to a single screen. Audio will be among one of the finest in the market with Dolby digital music features. Even though I was trying to explain a relevant question it looks as if I have to end up in another simple question.

Will your friends love its price?

1. How was your N9?

This is the question number one, but I have no much word left to fill this slot. N9 is just up to the users and it will take time to give detailed reviews on it.
But I feel quite pleased to have you here to love the phone. We started of from a nowhere blowing and don’t know where we are at last. Be free to share to comments here………


  1. Great Phone for future & a real thread for iPhone that's sure.

  2. n9 is a indeed a comeback phone from nokia
    still iphone is an art

  3. How is the phone has anyone used