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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Even though we say it 5, it is somewhat like a two.
I am pretty sure that none of you here will have anything other than this five. (If you do, don’t forget to leave a comment here.) The nominees for the top five is quite obvious – safari, Google chrome, Mozilla fire fox, Internet explorer and Opera. That’s is quite simple, But ranking is not that easy.
Let’s consider Speed, Security, Features and add-ons to facilitate our ‘fiving’. Yah I missed; looks also count. We all know that Chrome and firefox are like Nadal and Federer, let us see who wins; Anyway no Djokovic here!!!

5. Safari
The most amazing thing I found in the safari is nothing else than that Mac look and apples way of doing things. I have seen 24 7 ‘Web-beings’ say that Safari make them feel Apple on windows. But there are worth debatable question about the safari’s performance.
Safari is efficient to provide light browsing sessions. But you won’t find incognito and user control features which you might have seen in the browsers like chrome and Firefox. Security features of safari is not that great, though it can go well against pop ups and certain spywares.
Safari is fast and its lightness also provides a fast startup. After that I cannot guarantee much.

4. Opera

Most of you will be familiar with the opera mini and its user interface. But PC opera is a different story. Opera gives a lot of features and customizable options. It gives certain features that we cannot even find in the top browsers listed in this chart.
It has luxurious features like interactive voice and mouse gestures. Easy to go features include thumbnail preview and quick find. You have access to great support base and plenty of customization available of skin. Security also looks rather strict and tight.
But the problem lies in speed and compatibility. Speed is something that complements compatibility, Opera is found to have trouble plenty of websites. It is the sole reason why it stands in the forth of our ‘five’.

3. Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is a clean and neat browser. And for that only reason I don’t like it. But it still firmly holds the third position tight in this list because of the advanced and improved features and privacy options.
Explorer is well known browser for family usages and even though Microsoft claims it to be the fastest in their latest release. It has speed; but apart from that the parental controls, private usage and technical improvements are the best part of it.
As there are voids in its security features, explorer is a browser best suited for mild family usage.

2. Google Chrome
This is most popular and speedy browser available to the public presently. The most prominent and glittering feature is its lightning speed. Security looks tight and perfect. Privacy features like incognito browsing is great advantage to have private browsing without leaving anything to history and cookies.
Several themes and add on are available for customizations of appearance and features. Add on like screen captures, Ad-block are very popular. Google’s help forum along with other private sites provides exclusive support for chrome on the web.
But the problem is that chrome wants their tabs and windows to be always dynamic. If left unused for certain period of time chrome may show his dislike.

1. Firefox
Speed a bit less than chrome and if you are used to fox for a bit then ……May be 1… “Chrome what you say? …… shall I give it 1?"

c u next day

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