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Friday, 8 July 2011


Brand is something that defines the product, if said better it is something that make ‘typical averagers’ go round to have one chosen. As this blends well with the intention of this blog, we have worked out to produce some chooser posts to help you out.  

With plenty of launches waiting in the near future, we will be updating the list frequently. List is made in accordance with the feedbacks of long term users and global acceptance. If you couldn't find your loved brand, be free to comment over here.

HP is one of the most trusted and veteran laptop manufactures. Their laptops are known for durability and reliability. There are large number of HP users due to its minimal maintenance required high performing devices.
Earlier HP laptops were too focused on business and average users, but now they have some powerful gamely devices too. HP Pavillion, HP probook, HP Elite book, HP Mini, HP tablets are only some of the sub categories in the offering. Solidity and built-up body are the most highlighting features in HP Laptops.
Even though tough competitions from co-manufactures have given some rough times for HP, their recent products show the major improvements and demanding experiments. HP is definitely an unavoidable customer on our list.

The most attractive features of the Sony products are their stunning looks and bult in technology. Sony gives out their best on research and creativity to produce theirt EB and F vaios.

Price of Sony products are often on the higher side and are not greatly meant for rough users. But multimedia and cutting edge technology digs up the market and market value for Sony laptops. Buyers have great options and variety to customize the quality and looks of their device. It is worth mentioning that customer support of Sony is also pretty good.

If I give account on the Sony initiated chip in s on technology this post will look rather bulky. Detailing display, great gaming support, Graphics options is trademark of Sony laptops.

Toshiba is a frontier Japanese laptop manufacturer. They have delivered some stupendous laptops in affordable price tags.

Portege, Qosmio, Satelite ,Teera, Satelite pro are some of the sub tags on Toshiba laptops. Some of their satellites showed out amazing features and sleek external appearance. User experience is found often great  with better keypads, sensitive touch pads, advanced connectivity features and attractive prices. Price feature ratio is found alarmingly high in Toshiba laptops.

Their recent laptops like Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990X and probook comparable Toshiba Portege R835 have brought in love of laptop users widely..

Dell is not a one day wonder among the laptop and pc manufactures. Apart from certain other giants who switched on from other electrnic products, dell is a well established laptop brand serving customers for decades.
Dell laptops have earned mass appeal due to its ease in purchasing. Travelers and students love dell products for their versatile price ranges and sleek designs. Dell XPS laptops give best of the power in the dell laptops and dells inspiron are known for its cute design and family use. Mini inspiron netbooks is good option for travelers and students. Alienware dell game produced alienware M14x, stands among one of the best ever gaming laptops.

Dell produced perfect designs like dell XPS 15 to compete over Apple’s probook and it stands top among the best laptop manufactures.

BRAND APPLE is not just a blind choice to put you at top in your tech-chats. Popularity of apple is molded in pure quality and design. The feather smooth technology that apple’s iPod and iPhone delivered is just enough to explain what Mac books are.
Apple is one of the most trusted laptop brands for their  popular Mac books, Mac book pro, Mac book Air, Mac pro, Mac mini and iMac. Mac laptops always dominates with their Powerful CPU and Battery Life. The touch pads and gesture controls are the best of any other laptops on the planet.  Apple always lives up to the heart of its customer embedding versatile features in their Macs.

Apple doesn’t boast when they say Mac is your ultimate upgrade (of course you will have to pay for the quality). End of everything if you touch on Mac over windows it is a different entirely different story. Apple OS give you tons of fun, best support for 'consuming applications' and compatibility on a virus free laptop. (Jailbreaks of apple make them even versatile!!!)

c u soon.......


  1. Where's 'Lenovo' Dude ?
    It's a Wonder u forgot the 'Cheap & Best' Brand while you made ur list

  2. @nem
    appreciate your love for lenovo, i had to exclude it for the very reason that our list is dynamic.
    Lenovo had no great launches or stuffs recently, hope him get to our list soon.

  3. About Apple i hav something to share
    When u work with Mac OS its just Perfect
    Bt When we try to work with Windows in Macbook it screws u well...
    Non-Avaliability of Hardwares & Enhancements is also a short cmng

  4. @Akhil
    thanks for sharing your views,
    Anyway y anyone would buy apple to put windows in it???
    Yeah.... there may be need for any particular program which is not available in mac version, so that we amay have to for a windows switch on. This can be done in two methods, using a boot camp or using things like 'parallel'. The former works clean like a normal windows lap.
    The later shows some roughness.. and it should be!!