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Monday, 4 July 2011


Heard of the new killer in town? Whatever Google thought of Google+, by now most of the folk love to call it a killer. Today I am ‘fiving’ Google's latest ‘plus’ for you. One may define Google plus as something that plus the pulses for twitter and the social giant Facebook.

“Has it got all that social stuffs pinned with privacy to dig out the billion users of Facebook?” – Presently answer to such complicated question is just simply “wait”. WAIT!! What a nonsense word, isn’t it? After all it is you who have to decide. You may use your well reserved little grey cells to expand the possibilities of Google plus the very moment itself.

Aptly Google plus lies somewhere between the twitter (which has a reduced sharing options) and Facebook (where things are rather over shared). I have lot more to ‘bla’ on it and will embed it as I brief the features of Google plus in today’s top 5.

5. Why plus?
Plus is a powerful compensation or an attempt of domination by Google. There were pretty cool interfaces in Facebook what made US users completely ignore Google’s orkut, what eventually spread to all other nations. Then there are two things that Google didn’t like, (1) failure of orkut (2) exponential growth of Facebook that may threat their Advertising programs like adwords coupled adsense.

When Facebook made billions and billions of dollars from the sponsored ad links, Google tried to blow it again with Buzz and it clearly went in vain like a bzzzzzzzz. Facebook tried to hump Gmail with their message service that too didn’t bloom. And these two friends are doing a lot to make each other happy!!!
So Plus is latest in this category – latest symbol of love and affection between Google and Facebook, let’s see what happens.

4. Mobile options: huddle
Among the celebrated features of Google plus, under mobile interfaces they gave out something interesting called huddle. A stupendous way of chatting with friends. At times you may have felt the tiresomeness involved in group chats. If john is free only after 10oclock you will have to tell zak , jak, sak and mak separately that you will be going to movie only after 10. Huddle makes it clean and perfect group chat that too in a certain selected ‘circle’s.(check 1 of top five)

Another thing that comes under mobile is the instant upload; here it does what it means. You don't have to take any extra effort to upload the photo, once it is taken it goes 'instant upload'. Yah,Something really funny happens here, you only have to focus your camera. And also show some camera sense so that the instant upload that happens even before you lock the phone doesn’t get worse.

3. Hangouts
This something entirely new to social networking possibilities presently available to public. Using this you can have an unplanned video chat when you are just hanging out in the web. This will also indirectly open up better and wild video sharing with the integration of YouTube in to it.
This is especially made for someone who has tried out everything in the social networking to the saturation.

2. Sparks
By Sparks they mean the real elements that you are best interested in. You won’t be allowed to simply sit and bore in Google plus, They know you always love to have something to do. Spark will add up to the next level of sharing things, that is making things of your interest available in your doorstep.

All you have to do is to feed up your interests, plus will bring everything for you. The global results on your favorite topics; be it pictures, themes, music, videos or even well written articles, it will reach out for you. This will also equip the Google to make the best for it’s ad revenue.

1. Circle
Why should your old neighbor know that you never loved him?
Circle is the defining feature of Google plus, so let it sit at the top of our list. This feature comes directly from the cons of Facebook. I.e. in Facebook you only have friends no best friends. And those friends may include your ‘loved’ boss and ‘respected’ professor. So when you share things, certain things ….. Hmmm …. It will definitely smell bad.

So on plus, you will circle certain things and you won’t feel chains anymore. Google says as “The easiest way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents and almost nothing with your boss.”
They said it right, no more mosquitoes in your social book………………

Even so is the story, I would like to remind not to get in the plus’s present trial version available on the net. There are some concerns about its privacy features currently; so even if you do, use your ‘zero’ email ID.

What you felt for today’s five? Be free to comment here and don’t forget to share the story with your friends.

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