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Saturday, 9 July 2011


Need For Speed World is an online racing game from EA GAMES which turned out to be a huge hit in the gaming world due to its freeware nature and its potential for limitless upgrades. Today’s post is for all beginners of NFS World, these tips will help you get better in the game and will make you prepare for the challenges in the game.


The first priority for you while playing Need For Speed World is to increase your level. You will begin from level 1 and can go upto level 50. The more the level you are at, the more respect you will get from other racers and ofcourse the more skill you will get.

Pursuits are an efficient way to increase you REP and will enable you to reach higher levels faster. Unlike the other installments of the NFS series, the cops in World are lot more meaner and sharper, so you will need some preparation beforehand especially if your heat level is 4 or 5 like equipping these powerups in adequate amounts – run flats, emergency evade, instant cooldown, juggernaut.

The higher heat level and longer pursuit length are crucial factors in determining the REP you will get. The best thing to do is to choose a highway for your pursuit as it will give you more width to avoid roadblocks and chances of getting boxed in by cops are low. The best place to evade is the baseball stadium where there are two pursuit brakers adjacent to each other and a hiding spot near too.


There are mainly three kind of racers you will meet in Need For Speed World. They are:

<i> Clean Racers
They will concentrate in their own game and taking every turns perfectly and will most probably appreciate other racers after every race. They are quite harmless and hanging out with them can be quite enjoyable

<ii> Rammers
Keep away from these guys. You can identify someone as a rammer in the way they overtake someone. They won’t just overtake them, they’ll ram you to the wall and in turns while overtaking which can be really frustrating if you are in the receiving part of it. Do not ever get into a ram war with them, that’ll just slow you down, the best thing to do is to get past them when they are busy with someone else.

<iii> Quitters
If there is anyone who is annoying than a rammer, it is a quitter. They give up on races when they are last in a race or even when they are placed last in the starting grid. Some quitters try to ruin someone else’s race before quitting and that is totally not cool.


Choosing your car in Need For Speed World is not an easy task. You just can’t compare car A and car B by simply looking at the statistics; you might be quite sure that car A is better than B from the stats but then again you will be surprised when B just simply out powers A.

Handling is the most crucial thing you need to look in your car. The better you can maneuver in the turns, the better the chances of you wining. But speed and acceleration cannot be neglected completely. The best cars in my experience are the follows in respective tiers

Tier 1: Nissan Silvia (with pro tuned parts, it can outclass most tier 3 cars). Don't be surprised when you hear that you can buy 60 silvias for the price of a BMW M3.
Tier 2: Lotus Elise
Tier 3: BMW M3


Skills you choose makes all the difference in Need For Speed World. You will be able to upgrade one skill per one level up. So you have to choose your skills correctly to become a good racer in the game. The skills you need to get ASAP are the follows:

Catch Up – Boost your car’s perforamce if you are in 3rd place or lower
Ram – Makes your car heavy. Which is quite useful in pursuits and in collisions, because you won’t lose much speed
Rampage – Increases Juggernaut time
Rolling fortress – Increases shield time
Supershot – Increases NOS time
Strong Finisher – Increases performance when One More Lap is active

I have not included the most important skills in this list because you will need level 20 to get them. They are Dragster, Need For Speed, Nerves of Steel which increase you cars acceleration, top speed and handling respectively. So when you reach level 20 get them one by one.


While playing races in Need For Speed World, there is one thing you should always keep in mind. You must never quit any race no matter how behind you are; because there is always the possibility that someone else might make a mistake and even if you finish last, you will get REP.

To finish first in a multiplayer race is no easy task; especially when there are 8 players present. The crucial element here is to understand the track. Familiarize with the track by playing single player; find out the hardest turns, shortcuts, and pursuit breakers in the track and practice until you can navigate without crashing.

This will give you an upperhand in the race and with the right car and skills, you can rule the World

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  1. You wrote that Supershot increases NOS time, but it increases its power. Extended NOS does increase NOS time.