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Sunday, 26 June 2011


How many of you dare to say the words Samsung,galaxy and android to the CEO of Nokia? It is better to use spot created words like 'Hitler dominism' to capsule the entire drama in the present mobile market. When android made its first appearance in high end phones in India, Nokia might have never thought that anything of this sort could ever happen - something similar to the Maruthi's thought when Mercedes launches their 'luxuries' here. The scenario really changed when low end android phones started bubbling up here and there. No doubt, Samsung really did their home work well to produce those 'around 10k' android smart phones in galaxy series. Hope you are well received that here, i am going to use some 'scissors' to get top five out of them.

5.Samsung galaxy Gio
Gio stands somewhere between ace and fit, but still close to Ace. Let me talk in a bit detail about the specification of the phone as the others in the list also have many specs similar to them. As Price is above 14000 i would like to put him in the fifth position of our list. About the looks,hmm a freaky style candy-bar phone or more precisely something that youths may like. Highly efficient 800MHz processor complements Android froyo2.2.1 Operating system very well. No limitation to store your apps, one click from android market and use multitasking to switch from one to other. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, WiFi,wlan hotspot, 3g hsdpa and USB connector. Basic features like smart dialler, proximity sensors,document viewer,good voice clarity and sound reception,camera and multimedia. High speed browsing,GPS multimedia player complementing a large number of codecs and formats somewhat complete the lists. If dont expect a high quality camera but want an android of freaky features, eyes close , go for it.(it is also ideal for budget upgraders,)

4.Samsung galaxy Ace
Unlike the other four in my list, this guy is rather a mid range phone. You can find a lot of'ditto's in the external appearance of Samsung ace to that of apple's iphone. Even when the price have some roughness from what we started off, Ace found a place here because of looks and features. If you are willing to be blind to those extra bucks, Samsung android ace will be a glittering option to start with. nicely figured 800 MHz processor, touch wiz 3.0 user interface, 5 megapixel Auto focus LED flash camera, DNse sound enhancement and a good set of pre-installed applications. Exploring the web you can see a lots of talk comparing iPhone 4 and Ace, frankly its not the case. Even then i admit that if the very same was between iPhone 3 and Samsung galaxy ace, it might have been a matter worth of talk. The previous sentence have evrything in it, If you haven't seen at least apple iPhone yet and talks a lot about it with your friends, Ace is all yours.

3.Samsung galaxy fit
We all know Fit, Gio and Ace are all brothers, When three of them was launched earlier this year it took us some time to master their name to their looks. Samsung galaxy fit is somewhat youthful, low-compromised phone. Mr fit have a fine 3.3-inch capacitive screen and 600MHz processor. Processor and touch wiz gives a pretty good experience, All the mentioned features in this genre phone comes in here also. even though there is no flash for the 5 MP camera, the daylight pictures will be promising. As seen in many of the smart phones, low screen space for qwerty often delivers tiresome mistakes while typing. Well, once you get used to it, a high IQ swype can pull you out of these texting troubles. Another two major concerns i found in this phone is the gallery force close and battery drainage, But we can hope all these disadvantages can be resolved once the official launch of gingerbread firmware update rolls out. Once the update is out, Fit will be all fit for precise 10000 pocket.

2.Samsung galaxy Pro
It was Nokia who came up with the Nokia 'X3 touch and type' phone concept in India, something you get when normal and touch phones are hybridized. But Nokia x3 apart from the slim sleek appearance almost all went the other way. Samsung galaxy pro came right from there - Symbian to android, keypad to qwerty, increased screen space. The word competition is not enough for this one. Samsung's Touch wiz user interface, powerful 800 MHz processor and with all set of fast connectivity options pro have all the credibility to walk in the town as ' budget android business phone'. In short for INR 12500 you have 2.8" android touch screen and a well spaced 4 row QWERTY keypad - a yummy galaxy!

1.Samsung galaxy mini(pop)
You all will be familiar with the 'price manufacteres' like micro-max, spice and their counterparts - they really experiment a lot to bring the price too low and features too high that, practically both of them cant see each other. But the million dollar question is that whether you would buy a brand new apple i phone if it is given to you just for a 10k. If your answer is 'no' then you have all the qualifications to become the owner of Samsung galaxy pop. This phone is available in two variants, gsm and cdma. The former is called Samsung galaxy mini and later simply galaxy pop. At the price tag of below INR 9000, pop is phone worth a buy.
Android 2.2 froyo, which is already to be updated to gingerbread within two or three months - impressive 600 MHz processor - 3g speed all looks cool. Don't intelligently guess that it may only have a resistive touch display, it comes with a TFT Capacitive touch screen. End of the day, you may find a low resolution display(this statement is purely relative, new users have nothing to do with this problem) and poor battery. But your pocket will be free and i personally thinks that pop delivers much above its price tag.


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