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Sunday, 10 July 2011


5.Sree padmanbhaswamy temple
                      Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is situated in thiruvanathapuram, capital of kerala, india. The temple which has lord Vishnu as the principal deity is one of the most important cultural monuments in Kerala.  
                       Erstwhile thiruvanthapuram was ruled by padhmanabhadasas (means followers of sree padhmanabha, 'dasa' means servant). Ever since then temple has been maintained by the royal family of thiruvanthapuram. Presently Uthradam Thirunnal Marthanda Varma is the raja here. Dravidian style of architecture with seven storey towers ( other wise called as ‘gopuram’) can be seen in Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple.
                       Recently in 2011, as instructed by the supreme court of India, the temple’s vaults where inspected. That revealed a huge and precious collection of contents worth US$22.3 billion. Historions believe this to be the contribution from tranvancore dynasty and from other foreign individuals and kings. According to the stats Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is presently the wealthiest temple in india.

4.The treasure
Estimated values of diamond, gold and silver alone come to several billion dollars. Combined with its antique value, these items are unique and priceless.
                       10 foot tall idol of lord Vishnu, golden Krishna Idol, gold pots, diamonds, gold trinkets, crowns, necklaces studded with diamonds, golden dresses include the invaluable items found from the temple. Foreign collection comprises of roman gold coins, Belgium diamonds, Belgium emeralds, French coins and Dutch east india company’s coins. Traditional items items like Kasu mala (‘mala’ means necklace), sarapalli mala, udyanam (waist bands made in gold), Chandra padaka, Bheemam sarapalli mala and several other idols are also recovered.
Indeed, these valuables are the gift of Travancore dynasty.

3.Gift of Travancore dynasty
Magic has its charm only in papers, treasure of padmanabhadasa temple is also not something that air condensed. Instead we may call it a gift, golden fruits of Travancore dynasty.
                Frankly, this one of rare occasions when I felt ‘history’ as a spectacular topic of study. Historians believe that the treasure being unearthed at sree padmanabhaswamy temple comprises of contribution from Travancore kings and foreign donations. Chithira thirunal balarama varma, Boothala veera marthanda varma and prominently, Anizhom thirunal marthanda varma are credited for the contribution of the found treasure.
                  Influence and importance of temple in the lives of people of that period was massive. Entire kingdom was centered at sree padmanabhaswamy temple and its deity padmanabhaswamy. Kings, merchants, devotees of superior status made significant donations to temple for their prosperity and peace. Even looters and thieves who kept them selves away from temple and its belongings.
                  Presence of French and Dutch east India company coins shows the contribution from the foreign administrators and merchants. There is also evidence of colonel Munroe’s gifts to temple in 19th century.

Security has been tightened in and around Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in order to ensure the well being of temple. Police and security guards have been provided special attire (men are only allowed to wear dhoti inside the temple) to ensure maintenance of the divine atmosphere inside the temple.
Armed commandoes of kerala police patrolling in the surroundings of the temple is a common sight here. Earlier during the reign of padmnabhadasas it was the power of the temple and faith of the people what kept the valuables safe. The only danger then was the possible fire at the temple due to its wooden construction and huge oil lamps. It is to avoid such a possibility the vaults were made underground.
Kerala government under chief minister Sri Oommen Chandy have adopted strict measures to provide foolproof security for the valuables and temple.  

1.Have a visit here
Would you like to have a visit here? But keep in mind that Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram has 'inside the temple access' only for hindus. Road ,Railway and air options are given below.
Road: It is located near East fort trivanthapuram city bus station. (walking distance)
Railway: Trivandrum Central Railway Station is just 1 km away from Padmanabhaswamy Temple. As this is one of the prominent railway stations in Kerala, rail journey is comparatively easier.
Air: Trivandrum airport is about 7 km from the temple. 

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