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Thursday, 14 July 2011


After spending nearly 30k for your iPhone, some of you would be really frustrated when you find out that you have to pay additional charges for playing all those cool games in the AppStore. Well, don't worry, today I'm going to introduce the best 5 free games for your iPhone. I don't claim them to be better than the paid ones, but they are sure worth playing.


This is the iPhone version of the classic labyrinth game; where you can play by tilting your phone and guiding the metal ball to its marked destination. But it is not as simple as that, with lots of gaping holes in your path, it requires very delicate movements to clear each level.

The HD version, also available in the iPad has stunning graphics and precise physics. The lite version contains only 10 playable levels and for $3 (a little too much for a board game!!)  You can buy the full version with 1000 levels to play!!


I can confidently say that this is the most addictive parking game in the AppStore. You wouldn’t be able to put the phone down as some levels are excruciatingly difficult and completing them with 5 stars (you get 5 stars for completing the level without one single crash and collecting all coins) becomes a challenge.

Get to know of your natural driving instincts without the need of injuries or insurances. One con I can say is that the accelerator pad can get stuck sometime. This can be really frustrating if that makes you crash when you were about to complete a level.

So hurry up and get this lite version with 15 levels; and one more thing – level 5 can take everything out of you.


With over 6 million copies sold in the AppStore, Fruit Ninja is a game you wouldn’t want to miss being an iPhone user. Get ready to slice your way through juicy fruits and explosive bombs.

The splashy graphics are great to watch and make the game even more enjoyable. You can earn combo points by slashing many fruits in one swipe; but beware of the bombs as hitting it can end your ninja run.

The new 1.7.1 version comes with minor bug fixes and the lite version only allows classic mode with maximum attainable high score at 150 only.


If anyone ever asks me why I love playing games in the iPhone, I would show them Angry Birds. It’s a really fun filled addictive game featuring very very angry birds. The goal of each level is to kill all the egg stealing pigs.

The pigs will be hiding in structures made of wood, metal and glass and aiming your birds at the weakness of each structure can bring them down on top of the snivelling pigs. Clearing each level with the least number of shots can earn you 3 stars like you have seen in many other iPhone games.

You have many different birds in your arsenal including the simple red cannonballer, the yellow dive bomber which pierces structures when clicked mid-air. The other type, which is the most destructive, is the blue bird which splits into three and can bring any structure down to a pile of rubble.

Don’t rush off to get the game; you still have to see the winner


Here comes our winner of the day. Cut The Rope takes gaming on your iPhone to the next level due to its sheer fun factor. It’s incredibly lovable and you can play it all day long.

A parcel arrives at the door containing the very adorable monster Om Nom; and he has only one request – that is to feed him with candy!!

Combining cute graphics with outstanding physics and tricky levels, Cut The Rope is the first iOS game to win the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award for the best hand held game of 2011

To get the maximum points in each level, you must also get all three golden stars and this can become increasingly difficult in higher levels with sneaky spiders and spiked rods. In short, it would be really a shame, if you guys miss playing this game having an iPhone in your hands. 



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