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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Todays post is for all you gamers out there. Ever wondered which is the best gaming platform? Go ahead and enjoy reading.

Nintendo Wii settles great at fifth place, only for the very reason that Nintendo was not keen to spare few seconds on research or innovations. But still Nintendo Wii counts for its design and its traditional layout. (You buy a apple iPhone for your grandpa and just smile at him. He would immediately say that he wants his keypad back so that he could experiment with the buttons.That is what I meant by the traditional layout: it plays on your like for traditional buttons and classic games.) Clean-cut, family friendly games like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda are made for this console.
Inbuilt motion control and budget price tags were the most catching features of the Nintendo Wii, but compared to the present Xbox and Play Station franchise's price tags, that edge no more exists. The design and hardware are all clean as it was few years back, with almost zero change. So, if you are somebody who is keen on gaming only during vacations, then the Nintendo Wii is the console for you.

On number four is...


As Sony released their debut console, the PlayStation, their rival company, Microsoft, also decided to bring a console into their mainframe. By the time they did so, PlayStation 2 had already been released, but Microsoft's product was enough to rival the PS 2: the XBOX had been born. The two consoles have been rivals ever since. With the coming of PlayStation 3, Microsoft released their next console: The XBOX 360, which is fourth on our list.
There has always been a considerable amount of debate on which console is the better one: The XBOX 360 or the PS 3? Both have equally good graphics and connectivity, and both have released new motion sensing devices ffor their respective consoles (XBOX Kinect for the 360 and PlayStation Move for the PS), but, having more compatibility problems, the XBOX is considered to be inferior.
Which brings us to number three on the list... 


Sony always offer a better experience in terms of graphics and gameplay, but they do not compromise on price. The Sony PlayStation 3 comes with a huge price tag, but it is still gives you a run for your money. The main pro of this console is its sophisticated graphics, while its main con is, again, the price, along with the sheer number of compatible games. However, there are only more games  coming out everyday. 

The great news for Sony fans is their reduced price tags on latest the PS3 slim (below 300$).  It is almost the exact replica of the XBOX 360, only defeating it on the basis of the compatibility problems (see above). A great addition to this is also the PlayStation Move (again, see above!) which gives way to everything from sword wielding action to exercise modules, all under one console. However, the games cost a lot, so the PS3 is not for those on a low budget.

Next we have...


Surprised to see this here ? Apple has pulled a rabbit out of their MACs with the iPhone & iTouch. As a gaming platform, the iPhone is very versatile and ofcourse addictive; the super smooth touch receptors in Apple's arsenal takes this little thing to another level when it comes to hand held gaming.

There is no con worth mentioning here; although you might be a little annoyed when comparing your iPhone with a jail-broken one. Free games in the AppStore are indeed fun to play, but if you want to get the most out of your device there is no other way than to loosen your pockets a bit.

The best games i played in this are - Cut The Rope, Parking Lite, Fruit Ninja

And now... Presenting our top contender:

1. PC
Introducing the PC: the one-stop solution to all your gaming problems. There has yet to be a game released that is not playable on the PC. When you have all the gaming options along with Internet, you know that the PC is the right choice for you. 

Another major pro is the fact that all major successful FPSs (first person shooters) have been released on the PC, due to the easy aiming capability, thanks to the trusty mouse. But, everything has a flip side, and the PC is no exception. With every new game comes new requirements, and the burden of bearing the cost of new hardwares ia all yours. But that seems like peanuts in comparison to what we get in return: superior gaming quality with unsurpassed graphics and an unbeatable level of control.


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